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Soft opening, redux...

One of the more popular front-page pieces I've done at The Delver's Dungeon was a review of the reissues of the original three Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition rulebooks.  Announced in January of 2012, then finally released in July of that year, they were (for me) the high water mark of Wizards of the Coast's opening up of D&D to reach out to its older audience, fans of older editions.  I believed then (and believe now) in rewarding good corporate behavior so of course I picked up a set as soon as they were released, and covered them in an article showcasing differences between the books as they were when originally released and as they were now.  Since then, there have been re-releases of Unearthed Arcana, eight classic 1e AD&D modules in two separate bound hardbacks, a boxed collector's edition of original D&D, the complete run of 2nd edition AD&D's rulebooks, as well as 3rd edition's core rules (well, "3.5th edition", how…
This is the new Delver's Dungeon - a blogspot page.

The hassle of trying to come up with new content management systems, and then administering those management systems was what has delayed any further output and creations at the "old" Delver's Dungeon domain.  I'll keep it - but from now on this is where anything and everything will get put (except files).

The old forums are closed; I may lock them and reopen them for viewing but I doubt there's anything of interest there.

I'm not doing this to become part of G+ or Das OSR or to rub shoulders with celebrity "OSR" types.  I just wanted a simpler way to 'blog is all.

Themes and such subject to change as I find stuff that's more suitable.