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A Battle to the Death in the Chilling Depths of Space!

So a slightly on-topic update...I know you're all aware of the flood of print-on-demand RPG products for 1e AD&D (and Basic, OD&D, 2e, 3e and so on) available now.  I have a copy of X1 I intend to do a video review of, soon.  As I said on Facebook, I'm getting a hopefully better camera stand together as we speak.  So I'll actually have "in print" 1e AD&D products to talk about again!  Woo!

Sadly I haven't made any further progress on the Demon Idol; I hope to change that in the coming weeks.

What I have gotten work done on in terms of painting are some old-school Terminators for the Space Hulk boardgame...

This particular squad here are likely the first miniatures Mrs. TheDungeonDelver and I ever painted up.  They were mostly done, but not entirely complete (especially not the back-banner detailing).  So I finished them up and mounted them on Secret Weapons Miniatures' "Steel Invasion" resin bases after removing them from the old slo…

I think every 'blog goes through a post like this

Where the host, or person running it, makes a long drawn out explanation of why they haven't updated.  I haven't updated here in over a year; I should do it more often!  I waste too much time on Facebook.  Way, WAY too much time on Facebook.


Yes!  I'm still painting.  I'm still doing videos.  I have much to discuss on the matter of AD&D.  It's coming, please be patient.