A Battle to the Death in the Chilling Depths of Space!

So a slightly on-topic update...I know you're all aware of the flood of print-on-demand RPG products for 1e AD&D (and Basic, OD&D, 2e, 3e and so on) available now.  I have a copy of X1 I intend to do a video review of, soon.  As I said on Facebook, I'm getting a hopefully better camera stand together as we speak.  So I'll actually have "in print" 1e AD&D products to talk about again!  Woo!

Sadly I haven't made any further progress on the Demon Idol; I hope to change that in the coming weeks.

What I have gotten work done on in terms of painting are some old-school Terminators for the Space Hulk boardgame...

This particular squad here are likely the first miniatures Mrs. TheDungeonDelver and I ever painted up.  They were mostly done, but not entirely complete (especially not the back-banner detailing).  So I finished them up and mounted them on Secret Weapons Miniatures' "Steel Invasion" resin bases after removing them from the old slotted GW bases.

This happy troop above is the second squad of Terminators you get in the 2nd edition of Space Hulk: I am painting them in the style of the first paint jobs we did way back when, so while they aren't great, they'll match their brethren. 

Now we get in to kit-bashing a bit:

This fellow...well, there's a bit of a story here.  A few years ago I lost the back-banner pole for my second squad of Terminators and it just grated on me: the back-banners look so damn cool on the tabletop in Space Hulk that losing one irked the heck out of me.  I kept an eye on eBay for years, never seeing a Space Hulk Terminator Back Banner Pole or Standard Pole or anything pop up.  It's too thin to re-cast one with Oyumaru, I tried a couple of times and just couldn't make it work, even with a stiff wire "core" inside the resin casting.  Eventually I resigned myself to paying the ludicrous fee of $12-$15 for a single metal banner pole (and then not even the right looking one) when this guy above popped up on eBay for $5+ shipping.  I snapped it up and voila! 

He came with a power-fist and flamer as armament, but as I already had those units in my Space Hulk squads, I decided to convert him to an Apothecary (field medic) Marine.  Now, in Warhammer: 40,000 from 1st through 7th edition there was never an official Apothecary Marine figure released, although illustrations of them were shown in books.  I think maybe even a kit-bash from someone at GW made its way into a sourcebook, but again no official mini.  However in 7th or 8th edition, that changed and an Apothecary was added.  I decided to buy some Bits and convert my "donor" guy.  He got the banner pole mounting pin filled with some Apoxie, a sensor and searchlight mount on his armor and two "medkits" on his waist; I was wondering what to do about his arms, when I found three 2e-era Terminator minis on eBay, one of which features a power-fist and bolter - excellent!  So now this fellow will sport two new (metal!) arms, his donor will get the flamer and power fist, and all will be painted up, like the rest, in Deathwing colors complete with home printed shoulder badges showing the Deathwing logo and an Army badge on their legs.

Finally, here's a quick shot hopefully giving you an idea of what the Secret Weapon base looks like.  There's a video review of Secret Weapons bases as well as Space Hulk, so stay tuned.

NB: I'm not becoming a 40k player or taking the focus away from AD&D, but old school Space Hulk is cool, and...old-school!  So I'm going to give it a review soon.  And hopefully finish up these miniatures.


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