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A Demon Idol update.

...just a brief one: painting up the new (!) Dwarven Forge inspired me to finally get moving again on the Demon Idol from Otherworld Miniatures.  So I used the Base Gray, which, as I said in a prior 'blog (discussing the process of painting all the Game Tiles) is nearly exactly the same color I'd started the Demon Idol with, except it was hand-made.  Now having not quite eight ounces of the Base Gray at my disposal, I went to town and finished the idol itself.  Behold!

Of course, that's still not much to see, but now being out from underneath the obligation of education, I'm going to start cracking on it (and other projects of painting and writing) and try to put the next twenty or so weeks to good use.  Oh, and, yes, he's going to get fire-light highlighting on his chest, face, and forearms and so on.  Just wanted to show off his current state.

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