Good News, Everyone! Wizards on the pick-up!

Hey hey everybody!  The print-on-demand AD&D 1e books are back in play!  The Players Handbook has been "repaired" and the Dungeon Masters Guide is undergoing fixes to make it print properly.  Thanks to Steve Wieck  of One Book Shelf for the heads up, courtesy of Benoist Poire!

I'm definitely planning to review the new PoD books, as well, so be on the look out for those.


  1. That's great news! Hopefully the DMG will be back soon, and then they'll pick back up releasing more 1E books and modules (and, it would be nice if they applied some actual rhyme or reason to their schedule - like, say, when releasing modules that form part of a series, actually releasing the entire series: we've had D2 hanging out by itself for a few months, with no sign of either D1 or D3...)

    1. Yeah, definitely. Right now my biggest gripe is the lack of 1e catalog updates. But you know what? I'd rather they get it right the first time.

  2. I tried reaching out to WotC to let them know I am but one customer awaiting more B/X D&D and 1e releases. While I own most of what has been released from that era at the DM's Guild, there are plenty of products I do not own and I will probably be in the market for another PHB when my younger ones are older. All I got was a response from OBS saying I needed to contact WotC directly. Attempts to do just that at WotC's site proved fruitless. Ugh. Do they not have a customer service email?

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