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Irritated With the Latest Nonsense From Wizards of the Coast, "OSR" thoughts

As I stated in earlier 'blog entries, Wizards of the Coast authorized the release of older products on Print on Demand; I was pretty happy about that turn of events.  Now, I figured, I could show people where they could buy old-school stuff - but brand new!  Unlimited amounts of it!  No PDF-only, or having to go with a comb-bound or printed-out copy.  This, I felt, was the great and proper turn of events.
Well, my happiness here has been short-lived.  Inexplicably (and I mean, inexplicable: I have asked three points of contact at Wizards of the Coast about this and gotten nowhere), the Dungeon Masters Guide and Players Handbook have been pulled off of PoD.  The progress of modules being added has slowed to a stop, and there's no indication at all that any original D&D items are or were being put up.
I was going to review (for the long-neglected YouTube channel) a Print on Demand module I'd ordered, but now, I doubt I will: it's not like I can tell folks "Well…

In case anyone was unaware - Delver's Dungeon modules

Yes, my hosting for The Delver's Dungeon expired.  I still own the domain, just don't have a place to keep it anymore, which is why this 'blog is it for the time being.  Anyway, the only thing it seems to have impacted that anyone wanted were the modules I wrote once upon a time, so I'm now putting them here.

WGH2 Temple of the Sun
WGH3 Into the Howling Hills
WGH4 Tombs of the Howling Hills
WGH5 Lords of the Howling Hills

That's the permanent home now.  Enjoy!