A Brief Friday Treat -

While "The Announcement" is still incoming, have some 'toons to enjoy this Friday.  First up: EXORDIUM :

...just one Loc-Nar shy of a segment from Heavy Metal!

A little too grim?  Try this one for showing a couple of adventurers going from goofball to heroes!

Finally, somewhere in the middle lies KORGOTH!

"But not just any pain!  A whole rainbow of pain!  And in that rainbo-"

...enjoy, true believers!


  1. On one hand, I wish they would have followed through with a Korgoth series. On the other hand, they sure burnt through a lot of the cliches' in that trailer. Dunno where they could have gone from there.

  2. True, they seemed to hit every gonzo-70s/80s fantasy trope right on the head - postapocalypse, loin-cloth barbarians, polyhedronal dice, buxom wenches, gore...

    It's weird to think that that came from the mind of Aaron Springer, guy who brought us Spongebob.


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