It Is Official : Texas is Mordor.

Boy, 8, suspended for pretending "The Lord of the Rings" at school.

I can't even make things like this up.  A young boy was suspended from school for saying he had The One Ring, which the school deemed a "terroristic threat".

When I was eight, I told my teacher I was reading The Hobbit after having seen the cartoon movie on TV that fall, and was praised for it.

I'm just aghast.

Oh no, I just claimed to be a terrible flesh-eating monster!  Someone call DHS!

Stay classy, Texas.  I can only imagine what would've happened to the lad if he'd come back from a weekend spent with dad at an RPG convention...


  1. Posting here what I said on DF, because blogs need love too...


    When I had read that the kid had been suspended two times before, I was about to take the devil's advocate position.

    Then I read what the suspensions were for.

    One suspension came about because he referred to a classmate as "black." (The source doesn't say if the kid was, indeed, black. Although now that I type that, I'm not sure what bearing that would have!)

    The other suspension was earned by bringing "The Big Book of Knowledge" to school, the offense being that it depicted a pregnant woman in an illustration.

    As they are presented, I can't make sense of this. It's pretty bad even for an ultra-PC environment (and this is Texas).

    There still could be more to it. Like he could have been disruptive in class, saying "Hey, check out the black kid! He's black!" or some such.

  2. Calling a classmate "black", sure you could go either way on. But bringing in a book showing a pregnant woman? Crazyness.

    1. Maybe the illustration was in Big Daddy Roth style? :D

  3. The article never used the word "terroristic" or any form of the word "terror." I'm wondering where Buzz 30, that reliable internet news source (wink wink,) picked that up from.


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