Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jeff Perren, Co-Author of Chainmail, needs help.

From Benoist Poire via Facebook...

To all our gaming friends: Jeff Perren, the co-author with Gary Gygax of the Chainmail war game in 1971 which would spawn, a few years later, the Dungeons & Dragons game we all know and love, needs our help.

His leg amputated, he now lives away from his family, in a nursing home, and you know how hard it can be on one's morale. Now his daughter, Victoria Ricks Perren-Cserep, has a plan to get him to live in her house, but since he is wheelchair-bound, this means making the house accessible, and this means a stair lift to start and make this workable.

This could mean a big change for Jeff Perren, and that would help greatly in all sorts of ways, psychologically, physically, you name it. Feeling good surrounded by your loved ones goes a long way towards living a good life. So please, consider pitching in, even a buck or two. Any amount matters.

Please also share the link so a maximum of gamers get to know about this. Let's make it happen for Jeff. Thank you very much, friends!

Friday, January 30, 2015

A Brief Friday Treat -

While "The Announcement" is still incoming, have some 'toons to enjoy this Friday.  First up: EXORDIUM :

...just one Loc-Nar shy of a segment from Heavy Metal!

A little too grim?  Try this one for showing a couple of adventurers going from goofball to heroes!

Finally, somewhere in the middle lies KORGOTH!

"But not just any pain!  A whole rainbow of pain!  And in that rainbo-"

...enjoy, true believers!

Monday, January 26, 2015

So about that announcement!

...and trust me, it IS coming, and it IS going to be pretty big!  Technical difficulties are holding me back at the moment.  That and time.  But it's coming.


As to things AD&D related, to step away from the managing of the DD collective and talk more about the stuff that makes it up itself, I'm lucky enough to have a gaming group that is completely in to AD&D.  Oh we've wandered a bit here and there, usually for a one-off game where necessary due to absences or just a want of change of pace for a bit, but in the overall we've stuck with AD&D for the whole of the three ... four? years now we've been gaming.

It started out really as a way to accomplish two things: one, to show off my Sisyphean project "Castle Delve", a (wait for it...!) megadungeon in the grand style, cribbing heavily from D2, D3 and stories about Castle Greyhawk.  That project came about one night when I was looking for a good map generating program that would do non-orthogonal walls, allow caves, and so forth and kept coming up short until finally I said "To heck with this!"  I dug up some graph paper and a brace of mechanical pencils and went to work, hammering out the upper five levels in a couple of days.  I'm pretty proud of those (non) technological terrors I created.  Of course the down-side was populating them.  Like the aforementioned Castle Greyhawk I found myself with reams of notes containing useful information like "3t, 6hd, hp 32,40,44, regen etc. 3atk, std. trs." or even more useful stuff like notes to myself to "come back to this section later, populate with bandits."

So Castle Delve (or WGH1, however you want to call it) is notional at best.  I think with the really great "megadungeon" projects out there (Anomalous Subsurface Environment seems to get a lot of good press; I'll have to scope it out), I probably don't have to worry about rushing it out.  Still, I'd like to get back in to the swing of module writing soon.  Hopefully this summer!

But back to the actual group...anyway, we cobbled together a few quick characters, and aside from one of the core three characters of that group meeting her end (well, his - character was male) underneath a Piercer, they've been stalwart, and we've added (and lost) a few since then.  The group has been through adventures of my own making (and in time those tales will be told as well) and some of the classic modules - the A series (up to the conclusion of A2, anyway), and they're now making their way through the initial phases of S4.  I have gamed with groups for years, but this is the second-longest running single AD&D campaign I've played and I'm proud of it in a lot of ways.  Greyhawk is my world of choice and it is a living place.  Though they do not know it folks from the Roll20 game I run have met NPCs from the face-to-face Friday night game, and vice-versa.  This is the same Greyhawk where another group I DM'ed from 2005 through 2008 fought the Giants, after handling the Temple of Elemental Evil.

In the in between, we've run games of Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, a one-off of Star Frontiers and even a couple of sessions of Twilight:2000. 

But AD&D is our thing, and I consider myself lucky to have the groups I both have had and do currently have.