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Finally! The great Announcement!

After a long time, I have made the decision to start a Youtube channel (beyond just sharing cool videos I've found or made).

The first episode is just a sort of "welcome to", with more content coming in a few days!

Until then, have a gander everyone!

Far too long without an update!

Greetings folks!

I apologize for the lag in updates; real life and all of that.  I've got the "big announcement" on the tip, it's coming in just a few days, I promise.  For right now, here's a little something to tide you over.  I know many (most?) people reading this 'blog are aware of the AD&D modules I've put together, but on the outside chance that you're not, here's where you can download them:

Now, you might note that there's no "WGH1".  That was planned for a sort of introductory module that was relegated to the DD series, but then never published.  Then, I got the crazy idea I'd create a mega-dungeon type adventure and have it be W…

It Is Official : Texas is Mordor.

Boy, 8, suspended for pretending "The Lord of the Rings" at school.

I can't even make things like this up.  A young boy was suspended from school for saying he had The One Ring, which the school deemed a "terroristic threat".

When I was eight, I told my teacher I was reading The Hobbit after having seen the cartoon movie on TV that fall, and was praised for it.

I'm just aghast.

Oh no, I just claimed to be a terrible flesh-eating monster!  Someone call DHS!

Stay classy, Texas.  I can only imagine what would've happened to the lad if he'd come back from a weekend spent with dad at an RPG convention...