Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally! The great Announcement!

After a long time, I have made the decision to start a Youtube channel (beyond just sharing cool videos I've found or made).

The first episode is just a sort of "welcome to", with more content coming in a few days!

Until then, have a gander everyone!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Far too long without an update!

Greetings folks!

I apologize for the lag in updates; real life and all of that.  I've got the "big announcement" on the tip, it's coming in just a few days, I promise.  For right now, here's a little something to tide you over.  I know many (most?) people reading this 'blog are aware of the AD&D modules I've put together, but on the outside chance that you're not, here's where you can download them:

Now, you might note that there's no "WGH1".  That was planned for a sort of introductory module that was relegated to the DD series, but then never published.  Then, I got the crazy idea I'd create a mega-dungeon type adventure and have it be WGH1.  Technically I have, but it is only notes and (badly) hand-drawn maps at the moment.  If you want to see it...well, as I've said before you'll have Half-Life 2 Episode 3 to tide you over while you wait.  It's a huge undertaking (to do properly).

The WGH series (excepting the notional WGH1) are all the results of adventures created to run at conventions.  They were, in my opinion, all fairly well received.  I had full tables at every session!

There are other modules being planned, never fear, but their completion is dependent upon a few different things.  I'd like to have a couple (or at least one) out by this summer.

For now if you haven't taken a gander and want to, feel free to download!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It Is Official : Texas is Mordor.

Boy, 8, suspended for pretending "The Lord of the Rings" at school.

I can't even make things like this up.  A young boy was suspended from school for saying he had The One Ring, which the school deemed a "terroristic threat".

When I was eight, I told my teacher I was reading The Hobbit after having seen the cartoon movie on TV that fall, and was praised for it.

I'm just aghast.

Oh no, I just claimed to be a terrible flesh-eating monster!  Someone call DHS!

Stay classy, Texas.  I can only imagine what would've happened to the lad if he'd come back from a weekend spent with dad at an RPG convention...