Demon Idol 'Blog Part 4: Beginning the Beguin

Okay, after having spent a few weekends working on my 1:1 Scale human bathroom, I decided to squeeze in some painting on a slightly smaller scale and work on the Demon Idol.

That's a roughly 35/65 mix of Reaper Pure Black (9037) and Rainy Grey (9038).  I didn't mix up enough to do a second coat (or even a proper first one), much less get the whole miniature done, even with thinning.  Speaking of, it is going on thin.  There's a lot of lovely detail - pits in the stone, cracks, cuts, chips, etc. - sculpted in and I would hate to lose those fine details by gunking it up with too much paint.  So slow and steady wins the race.  Hopefully I can reformulate the mix and his lower body won't wind up too dark, or too light.  After two good coats (or one and heavy retouching), I'm going to ink with Reaper Black Ink.  Then, I'll highlight with rainy grey.  I may stipple with pure black to give it that basalt look, as well.  After that, the brazier, and then I'll consider the highlighting from the fire within same.

EDIT: I said last post, I'd have the thieves started, but I have not yet.  Maybe between now and next week!

'Til next time!


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