Demon Idol Painting Blog, Part 3.

Primed and Ready, Redux

This is just kind of a brief entry; I ended up going with "the brush" for priming for a couple of reasons: chief reason is I don't have any rattlecans left!  I guess I tossed out the last can of "Skull White" GW spray primer a while back, or at least it's somewhere I can't locate it.  That's fine, a 50/50 mix of the aforementioned Vallejo primer and water did the trick. 

Also, the altar itself got a coat of primer.  The standing braziers did not; I neglected to put them on caps for armatures!  So between this update and the beginning of the painting, I'll do that.

There's something...unsettling about the face on the altar.  I can't quite put my finger on it but it reminds me (and not in an amusing or ironic way) of those Jack Chick tracts, when they'd show hapless, "cartoony" devils discussing how to damn people.
Anyway, the next update, I'll have started work on the two thieves.  Oh, and you might have noticed that I have not attached the gemstone eyes; those will likely be put on after I paint the mini.  I know generally, assembly comes before painting but in this case, I want to get the paint job just so before I commit to attaching those.

See you next time!


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