Demon Idol Blog, part 2.

Idol hands are the Demon's playthings...

Okay, this time around let's talk about construction.  Firstly, as noted in the previous entry there's a large gap in the right wrist that must be addressed.  For this I'll use my trusty old (and rapidly depleting) Apoxie sculpt, a two-part epoxy.  It's basically the same as "green stuff" but this particular substance turns a yellow-gray when mixed.

I just need a small bit, really, so a couple of pieces the size of a large pea should do the trick:
Once mixed, it goes into the wrist.  I still had some left over, so I used it to work on some other minis that needed a little TLC as far as filling in gaps went.

Now, while that sets up (I usually give it 24 hours or so to cure), I went to work on the two thieves.  The first thing was to put them on an armature, in this case, simple plastic bottlecaps.  Normally I'd use Elmer's glue to hold a mini to a cap for painting but in this case as they only have a tiny attachment point as opposed to a full base, I used a drop of Gorilla Glue.  As I found out (accidentally) they'll pop right back off.

The next decision was on how to attach them.  I want to use the Demon Idol piece at the table, and have it as a nice display piece so I considered a few ways I could attach them securely.  I decided not to use blue-tack as that would eventually peel paint off, or Elmer's glue as that would as well.  These two fellows would have to be pinned, then holes drilled in the idol itself.  My favorite method of pinning is to use the 0.5mm dremel bit and straightened paperclip, so that's what I went with.

"...but then I took an arrow to the knee."

"Please don't put that pin in my riTHOOF!"
If you note, these guys have some primer already on them; I actually did that before I decided to pin them, but holding them securely to Dremel them rubbed a good amount off, so they got a second coat of Vallejo Foundation White.
I've had that particular bottle for ten years or more now; still smooth as silk!

The next post will be about priming the Demon Idol itself; I'm still up in the air on how I'm going to do that, I'm not sure if I'll brush prime it or spray.  Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

On other fronts, coming later this week is (finally) a new video!  See you all round the interwebs...


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