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Phase 1: Construction, as I reviewed in my video 'blog, I have Otherworld Miniatures' DD1a, "Demon Idol" piece.  This is one assembled and painted (it is not mine): what I thought I would do is 'blog the assembly, painting and construction of my own!

Without further ado, Step 1, Construction:

Two points of interest: one, the model is covered with bubbles.  Normally, if this was a character piece I would be righteously displeased, however in this case I'm not; the statue is graven from stone, and all the little flaws lend it character!  The second point is the wrist joint for the right hand: a highly imperfect match.  I could have made either hand fit perfectly and left the other with a large gap, but the left hand was a better fit to it's respective wrist.  Here's a close-up photo:

I'll fill this gap in with Apoxie Sculpt, a kind of "yellow-grey stuff" two-part sculpting plastic, then sand and file down the irregularities.

Next up, one of the two thieves on the famous Players Handbook image needed to have his right arm glued on.  It attached seamlessly, despite both the arm and the torso having gaps rather than one having a gap and the other a pin or other point of attachment.

In the next post on this topic I'll show the gap-filling method, then get in to priming the metal parts.


  1. Good stuff, Bill! Looking forward to seeing the results.

    1. Thanks - putting up new photos later this evening.

  2. I'm torn on how to fit the thieves to the idol itself. On the one hand it is a display piece, but on the other, I want it to be used on the tabletop as well, so my concern is if I use some kind of temporary mounting thing like blue-tack or whatever, it'll wear the paint off...I'm thinking of putting a pin in each miniature and boring a hole in the idol; they'll be small enough that it can't be seen, and provide a constant mount for the minis...yeah...

  3. That sounds reasonable to me---that way you can have the thieves present when desired, and the idol stand on it's own, too.

    If you have multiple idols, it might be fun to see one that's "ruined" more, as well---the PHB cover dungeon as it stands 100 years later....


    1. That would be neat...would the temple be re-occupied? New gems in the eyes? etc. Alas, I only have the one model (and that's all I'm likely to have), but it's still a neat idea.


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