Thinkin' Small - Worth the Big Cost?

So I've done a couple of shows on miniatures recently, and I'm thinking of picking up the "Scourge of Suderham", not only are they a viable band of adventurers in general, it's the bad guys from A3! It just seems a bit pricey at anywhere from $35-$50 to get five miniatures that are cast in plastic.  Here's what they look like...

I'm intrigued, not just by this set but by a similar item, the infamous Qesnef the Ogre-Mage from S2 White Plume Mountain (and his Halfling alter-ego):

...which, likewise even with typical reseller discounts of 11%-30% is still in the $20-$22 range for a pair of miniatures cast from plastic.

So how about it - has anyone purchased these?  Do you think they're a good buy?

Drop a note in the comments and let me know!


  1. Waaaay too pricey per figure, IMO.

    1. Yeah; I'd have to have some "Free" money or an ultra-compelling reason beyond "But...AD&D!" to purchase these. And, again, getting plastic for the price? I'd maybe pay $20 for the Scourge of Suderham set, and $8-$10 for Qesnef...


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