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Demon Idol Blog, part 2.

Idol hands are the Demon's playthings... Okay, this time around let's talk about construction.  Firstly, as noted in the previous entry there's a large gap in the right wrist that must be addressed.  For this I'll use my trusty old (and rapidly depleting) Apoxie sculpt, a two-part epoxy.  It's basically the same as "green stuff" but this particular substance turns a yellow-gray when mixed.

I just need a small bit, really, so a couple of pieces the size of a large pea should do the trick:
Once mixed, it goes into the wrist.  I still had some left over, so I used it to work on some other minis that needed a little TLC as far as filling in gaps went.

Now, while that sets up (I usually give it 24 hours or so to cure), I went to work on the two thieves.  The first thing was to put them on an armature, in this case, simple plastic bottlecaps.  Normally I'd use Elmer's glue to hold a mini to a cap for painting but in this case as they only have a tiny a…

Demon Idol 'Blog

Phase 1: Construction, as I reviewed in my video 'blog, I have Otherworld Miniatures' DD1a, "Demon Idol" piece.  This is one assembled and painted (it is not mine): what I thought I would do is 'blog the assembly, painting and construction of my own!

Without further ado, Step 1, Construction:

Two points of interest: one, the model is covered with bubbles.  Normally, if this was a character piece I would be righteously displeased, however in this case I'm not; the statue is graven from stone, and all the little flaws lend it character!  The second point is the wrist joint for the right hand: a highly imperfect match.  I could have made either hand fit perfectly and left the other with a large gap, but the left hand was a better fit to it's respective wrist.  Here's a close-up photo:

I'll fill this gap in with Apoxie Sculpt, a kind of "yellow-grey stuff" two-part sculpting plastic, then sand and file down the irregularitie…
Thinkin' Small - Worth the Big Cost?
So I've done a couple of shows on miniatures recently, and I'm thinking of picking up the "Scourge of Suderham", not only are they a viable band of adventurers in general, it's the bad guys from A3! It just seems a bit pricey at anywhere from $35-$50 to get five miniatures that are cast in plastic.  Here's what they look like...

I'm intrigued, not just by this set but by a similar item, the infamous Qesnef the Ogre-Mage from S2 White Plume Mountain (and his Halfling alter-ego):

...which, likewise even with typical reseller discounts of 11%-30% is still in the $20-$22 range for a pair of miniatures cast from plastic.

So how about it - has anyone purchased these?  Do you think they're a good buy?

Drop a note in the comments and let me know!